Why Go Through Us??


Teamwork makes the dream work! We are here to be your partner and walk you through every process to ensure your success! 


We are Professional Storytellers and the main goal of every narrator on our team is to bring your story to life!

With over 100 Narrators to choose from, you can be sure you will find your perfect talent! 


Our Marketing Team is here to ensure your book is seen and reviewed by as many people as possible. With our heavy social media presence, you benefit from our fanbase, giveaways, takeovers, tours and review team!! 


When you do work with us, we don't stop until you are 100% satisfied. We promise to communicate with you every step of the way and we make it our responsibility to ensure your project is done perfectly and in a timely manner! 

Questions? Contact Us! 

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Pink Flamingo Productions, LLC

East Peoria, Illinois